Meet Lisa P. Cohen

Lisa P. Cohen AKA Lisa Too Fierce FosterJunior VillageL isa Cohen was born and raised in Washington, DC and placed – along with her four older brothers – in the now-defunct Junior Village, followed by a slew of often traumatic foster-care placements. She was jockeyed among 13 different families. At the age of 17, she entered an independent-living program.

Seaman FosterServing Our Country

Lisa enlisted in the United States Navy and served on the USS Samuel Gompers, an AD37 ship, based out of Alameda, California, from 1989 – 1991. She served as communications specialist during the original Gulf War period and was discharged honorably.


IFBA BeltLisa “Too Fierce” Foster

She began boxing in 1996, at the age of 28, and turned professional the next year, competing under the name of Lisa “Too Fierce” Foster. During her career, she won the IFBA (International Female Boxing Association) Junior Featherweight World Title. In 2002, while seeking the title, she established and ran Too Fierce Boxing & Fitness, in her hometown of Washington, DC.

Giving Back to Her Community

Capitol City Champs kids and LisaLisa with Boxing PosterIn 2005, she started and managed a non-profit organization for at-risk children aged 8-18, called Capitol City Champs. The organization was geared to boxing and fitness training, life skills coaching, dressing for success and etiquette. Ms. Cohen also undertook a number of motivational speaking engagements and career days aimed at women, children/young adults and governmental agencies engaged in foster care. She continues to advocate and speak about foster care to interested groups.

At the age of 45, Lisa graduated from the University of the District of Columbia with a BA degree in English.

She currently resides in Washington, DC with her husband Neil, an attorney. Her son Gerald is a graduate of Norwich University and a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army. Lisa’s daughter, Taylor, is in her graduate year at Temple University, majoring in social work.