Your Past Doesn’t Dictate Your Future

abused childC hildren are a gift from God and are extremely precious. However, as of 2014, there were 415,000 children in the Foster Care system – many suffering neglect, and physical and sexual abuse. Is it any wonder that many of our incarcerated are foster-care alum? The cycle needs to be broken to allow these children a fighting chance at life!

Lisa “Too Fierce” Foster Cohen, came from the Foster Care system, being jockeyed among 13 families; however, she decided not be a victim, but to become champion. Rising above her circumstances, she became the IFBA Junior Featherweight World Champion in 2002, earned her University degree in English, and started Capitol City Champs – a non-profit organization to help equip foster-care children. She is also a speaker and published author. Lisa decided to make a difference!

Her new book, Being Too Fierce shares her story, struggle and triumph. Learn how one can overcome horrendous abuse, make a difference and have a purpose. 


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